My thoughts on the Google Event: Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL.

My thoughts on the Google Event: Pixel 3, and Pixel 3 XL.

So I just finished watching the Google event, and to sum it up in one word, underwhelming.

Don’t get me wrong Google does some awesome things and a lot of their products will probably be a pleasure to use, but overall they all seemed to lack a certain wow factor. From the countless leaks and the strange video in the start addressing the leaks, it was an overall awkward and strange event to watch.

The main reason most people watch the event is the Pixel 3, and it certainly kept most of the aspects that made the Pixel 2 such a great phone. Lets start with the good, stock android is great, and all the software features they announced looked promising, Top shot especially, which automatically gets you the best picture, the dock mode looked very cool, unlimited online storage is awesome and overall I imagine the experience of the Google Pixel software will be superb as usual.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.27.18 PM.png

The software portion makes everyone feel great about using and getting the Pixel and if you are solely interested in the best camera, this is the phone you should get.

This is where things start to look less promising, one of the biggest complaints about the Pixel 2 and XL was the overall aesthetic of the phone, it wasn’t the worst, but it definitely doesn’t feel or look like a premium device. Now they have added a notch to the Pixel 3 XL and kept the chin, at this point I’m not sure if they know what edge to edge is meant to represent. If you spend some time on the google site take a look at how much effort goes into hiding that notch, most of the pictures are the back of the phone, most backgrounds are black in order to not emphasize it, its almost like they are embarrassed of having it there.

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 12.44.58 PM.png

Overall in my opinion the Pixel 2 XL looks better then the Pixel 3 XL and the Pixel 2 looks near identical to the Pixel 3. I would call this a Pixel 2s more than a Pixel 3. Will I get the Pixel 3 XL? Maybe in a couple of months when the true verdict is out, but at a first look, It doesn’t make me want to run out and buy it and frankly no phone announced this year has. I currently have a iPhone XS Max and a Pixel 2 XL which I use for different purposes. The Pixel 2 XL still feels great and doesn’t feel like its slowing down, I’m going to wait to see a comparison between the 2 cameras to really make a decision on the upgrade. The iPhone XS Max however felt like it was going to be underwhelming but after a couple weeks of use, it truly has made me fall in love with this phone, maybe the Pixel 3 will have a similar experience.


Should you upgrade? That depends on a number of things; which phone you have now, what is your primary use for the phone and whether or not you are really going to take advantage of the new features on the Pixel 3. I would say if you have anything before the Pixel 2, then its probably worth the upgrade and you will notice a substantial difference. If you use the phone as a primary camera then the Pixel 3’s camera is most likely going to be the best smartphone camera on the market, and will be worth upgrading for. However if you have the Pixel 2 it may be worth the wait till next year for the Pixel 4 to see what new upgrades come at that point, so far, there aren’t enough glaring differences between the Pixel 2 and 3 to make it a must have device. Thats just my opinion, for the record, I am an “Apple Sheep” I get everything apple comes out with and I may end up doing the same for Google, but will it be a justified purchase? In this case probably not. I will say this, the prices of most of the devices they announced were a relief as they were affordable and seemed reasonable for what you are getting, a nice change from the last apple event where I felt nickel and dimed at every point of the keynote address.

I hope this google event was just a casualty of these in-between years that tech companies have while working on a completely new product. First they need to rehearse better and second take some notes from Steve Jobs when it’s comes to building some hype, all I can say is it felt like amateur hour, but at the end of the day Google’s software trumps everyone right now so we can awkwardly laugh at this event and overlook it. 

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